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Entry Level Interview Questions on Sap Simple Finance

Entry Level Interview Questions on Sap Simple Finance 

1.Educate me concerning budgetary change with SAP Simple Finance ? 

Changing money related administration with a definitive refinement: straightforwardness. As a major aspect of SAP S/

4HANA, a suite of new organizations, the people to come, SAP Finance Simple Powered by SAP HANA arrangement is intended to give key esteem Live Preview in fund - all by means of a tweaked client encounter straightforward.

Utilize a typical perspective of all the data in back to guarantee consistency over the endeavor

Consolidate expectation, reproduction and investigation to distinguish the best vital alternatives for the organization

Giving clients moment, customized knowledge to empower all the more auspicious and significant budgetary choices

Driving huge disentanglement of the PC with a design which stifles replication and totals

Get a decision of arrangement - cloud, nearby crossover - to diminish IT costs

2 .Brief helpful information of SAP Simple Finance? 

SAP Financial and Controlling module (one of the center modules of SAP from its R/2 days) is a genuinely develop offering with amazing width and profundity.
SAP Simple Finance gives intense in-memory-reporting that takes out the limit between(B/W) controlling and money related reporting, incorporating arranging capacities and improving liquidity examination. PWC can bolster the execution of SAP Simple Finance to Finance work turn into a genuine business accomplice.
.Outline of SAP Simple Finance 2.0
.Design of Simple Finance

.Reporting Options in Simple Finance

3.Do regardless you have the quantity of attributes restriction to 50 in COPA? 
A portion of the interfaces in CO-PA still watch that you are not sending more than 50 qualities, so SAP still suggests that you constrain your working worry to 50 attributes. All things considered since each of the qualities turns into a field in the all inclusive diary when you come to assemble reports you can utilize ascribe perspectives to decide extra fields for instance, the material.

4.Movement to SAP Simple Finance controlled by SAP HANA 

SAP Accounting fueled by HANA contains New General Ledger accouting , Controlling and New Asset Accounting. On the off chance that you need to actualize and utilize SAP Accounting fueled by SAP HANA, you need to relocate the current client information from the G/L Accounting (FI-GL), Asset Accounting (FI-AA), Controlling and Material Ledger zones. The thorough information table "ACDOCA" contains the greater part of the detail records from FI, FI-AA and CO. All postings of these applications are composed to the new table after the establishment and movement are finished. 2015-04-02_181732 The above screenshot demonstrates the different bookkeeping applications converge in the new structure of SAP Simple fund controlled by SAP HANA. The accompanying tables were supplanted by SAP HANA sees with similar names:

The detail, sums tables and application list tables of General Ledger Accounting (GLT0, BSIS, BSAS and FAGLFLEXA, FAGLFLEXT, FAGLBSIS, FAGLBSAS)

The aggregates tables and application record tables of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (KNC1, KNC3, LFC1, LFC3, BSID, BSIK, BSAD, BSAK)

The detail and aggregates tables of Controlling (COEP for certain esteem sorts, COSP and COSS)

The material record tables for parallel valuations (MLIT, MLPP, MLPPF, MLCR, MLCD, CKMI1, BSIM)

The Asset Accounting tables (ANEK, ANEP, ANEA, ANLP, ANLC)
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