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Sample Interview Questions on SAP SIMPLE FINANCE

Tell me about financial transformation with SAP Simple Finance ?

Transforming financial management with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity. As part of SAP S /4HANA, a suite of new businesses, the next generation, SAP Finance Simple Powered by SAP HANA solution is designed to provide strategic value with Live Preview in finance - all via a customized user experience simple.

Use a common view of all the information in finance to ensure consistency across the enterprise Combine prediction, simulation and analysis to identify the best strategic options for the company Giving users instant, personalized insight to encourage more timely and relevant financial decisions Driving massive simplification of the computer with an architecture which suppresses replication and aggregates Get a choice of deployment - cloud, on-site hybrid - to reduce IT costs.

Brief useful infomation of  SAP Simple Finanace

SAP Financial and Controlling module (one of the core modules of SAP from its R / 2 days) is a fairly mature offering with impressive width and depth. But over the years the world has changed. New financial regulations around the world, we must change. There is also a need for quick financial reports lightning. The data world is changing rapidly, and financial operations must deal with huge amounts of data processed at higher speeds and give it meaning.

Considering this and taking advantage of its platform HANA-high performance, SAP made its financial and next level control module by launching "Simple Finance" (short shuttering Finco) with SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (ie S / 4 HANA)). And in doing so, SAP not only eliminated some of the short comings (the traditional FICO Module), but also packed with some powerful new features.

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